Like a Spark

by Lyndsay Stanley

After a life-changing event, Petra finds out that she is not like any of the other horses- she has wings! Disoriented and seemingly disadvantaged, Petra wishes that she could be just like everyone else. But with the help of her friends and family, Petra learns how to use her wings for the good of her herd and learns that it is ok to be different!

 Editorial Reviews:

"...this well-written book piqued my interest the moment I started reading it. The author definitely has a wild imagination, and I loved the way she narrated her original tale. 
The descriptive yet simple way each animal character came to life and their interactions with each other didn't require any pictures since the author made it easy to imagine it all, but I still loved the ones included.  I quite enjoyed this book even though I am an adult, and believe that older kids, as well as young teens, would too. It's an easy and fun read."

-Chantelle Belleheumer